Front Entry Doors

Custom entry doors available in smooth skin fiberglass or wood grain fiberglass. An unfinished wood door can be suspect to rotting. Stained wood grain fiberglass creates the texture and character of wood, without having to refinish to prevent rotting. Colour matching is available to have the door painted the exact colour you want. Decorative glass in thousands of different patterns so you can have the exact door you are looking for. Sidelights and transoms add character to your front entry system while also allowing more natural light into your home.

Hinged French Door

A French door is a classic design that is traditionally used as an entryway from a patio or deck. French doors always have two operating panels, hinged at the frame which swing inward or outward. An advantage to having outswing French doors is that any wind coming toward the house will press the doors tighter into the seal,creating a tighter seal.


Garden Door

Garden doors are very similar to French doors and are used for similar purposes. The main difference between a garden door and a French door is that both panels in a French door operate whereas a garden door only has one operating panel while the other panel is fixed.

Sliding Patio Door

Sliding patio doors require much less space than a hinged French or garden door. Can be designed to fit a contemporary or traditional style home.


Storm Door

Storm doors are installed in front of an access door to protect it from wear and tear, and also allow ventilation. There are three varieties of storm door; full-view, retractable screen, and ventilating.

  • Full view storm doors usually include a full glass panel and interchangeable full screen.
  • Retractable screen storm doors allow ventilation when you need it and a clear view when you don’t.
  • Ventilating storm doors usually include a full or half screen that is not removable from the door.